About Us


There has been a gym at the Ariane site for many years but in July 2020 JD’S Oldskool Gym was born, with the vision for a gym full of the best equipment, where people could come and forget about their worries and just train.  

At JD’s we understand you, we are the same as you and we want the best for you.

The gym is our life, it’s all that we know, we understand the mental impact it has on people when they cannot train. We are all the same. 

JD’S has undertaken a massive transformation within the last 12 months. The gym is bigger and better than ever before. We cover all types of training from bodybuilding, strongman to powerlifting and HIIT classes. We have left no stone unturned in the quest for the complete gym. 

The gym offers help and support with whatever your own personal goals are, we have such a wide and varied collection of members there really is something for everyone.

Our team are the most experienced in the area and are here to help you.

Let us help you achieve the best version of yourself in a great friendly atmosphere, full of the best equipment with the best knowledge. 

(gym rules)

  1. Be respectful to the gym and other members
  2. Wipe down machines after use
  3. Put weights away when you’re finished
  4. Don’t share your entry pin (We have eyes in the sky)
  5. Don’t use the changing rooms as your personal bathroom (Shaving, dying hair etc.)
  6. Don’t leave any personal items in the gym
  7. Suitable workout attire must be worn in the gym (No flip flops!)
  8. Do not enter the gym whilst under the influence of any substance that may affect your ability to exercise safely
  9. No sleeping in the gym! We know to some this is your home away from home but this isn’t the one you lay your head.
  10. Criminal activity of any kind in our gym will not be tolerated and will be reported to the authorities

Our Staff at JD's

Meet the team at JD’s Old Skool Gym Below. Feel free to approach us at the gym for a helping hand or some tips!

Dean Sutheran

Owner / Personal Trainer

My name is Dean Sutheran and I’m 47. I have worked in the fitness industry for many years, currently owning JD’s Old Skool Gym.

Over the years I have competed at many shows, some of which have resulted in national qualifications.

I competed in the Nabba novice 1999 and  finished 3rd  this gave me an invite to the British national finals.

Ukbff 2015 finished 3rd masters over 40s

Ukbff 2017 finished 3rd master over 40s qualified for British nationals.

Learn more about Dean.

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